Friday, July 31, 2009

here we go


Sex obviously isn't on the cards tonight unless I get the infamous booty call we have come to hate but secretly love. Without us actually agreeing there would be no booty call. Welcome to a Friday night with a 30 something hot and real chick. Why am I here and where did I come from/Well I am your average 30 something girl. I am not Bridget Jones as there is no Mr Darcey or whatever his name is (and I am sure it came from a Jane Austin book), I am not the girl in the book "30 something and over it" as seriously honey I wanted to slit my wrists, I am not the girl in "love, live, pray" because fuck getting up at 4am for chanting and whatever else they had to do to find yourself and I am not Carrie Bradshaw because what did you have to bitch about? A hot woman, an awesome job, Aiden, Mr Big, shoes, the lifestyle, money and great friends.

Who am I? I am a Melbourne girl originally from the country. I don't earn $100,000s dollars and parade around in designer clothes with my awesome boyfriend and still need to bitch. I have never travelled instead working through uni and establishing a career that will maintain but not advance my life. I am the girl you meet on the streets. Maybe you, maybe a girl you dated or maybe your best friend.

Am I single? Yes I am!!! I have learnt to say it with pride. Don't tune out if you are in a relationship because at 3o something, I have been there too. So ok, I don't have children but let us face it I am no virgin and have had relationships and I am the one that hears "it is ok, you will always be the favorite aunt" so I have been around couples. Do I want to be single? Hell no!! in my eyes the ones that say that have been like me 1) scared as somewhere a person has crushed us 2) can't find anyone and 3) it is easier to accept.

Welcome to 'blog' one. I hope you will join me again because i have lots to tell and I have always wanted to hear it from someone real - not a model, not a successful person but someone real, a person getting out of bed each day and facing the same bullshit as me! I also hope you join me because you and I both hope 1) I get a booty call tonight to write about 2) I actually have some form of life or 3) I win tatts - we can wish.

Signing out now